Race Results Explanation

Here at Hot Sake, we aim to provide exciting and rewarding race experiences for both "newbies" and experienced paddlers. Even though we are not among the most competitive teams on the scene, we always work hard and give 100% in all our races.

Division vs. Medal

Dragon boating is a very inclusive sport, and almost anyone can participate. At a major dragon boat festival, there is always a wide range of teams -- from world-level teams that finish a 500-meter course in two minutes, to entry-level teams that take more than three minutes. To accommodate all teams, there is always a number of divisions. The total number and names of divisions vary for each festival, so the same division name may mean different things at different events. Typically, seeding races are held first, and teams on a similar performance level are put into the same division. Then, final races are held within each division. Each division awards its own medals. Therefore, in terms of performance, getting into a higher division is often considered a more important goal than winning a medal. Of course, it's always nice to take home some hardware!

Measured Time

Another way to compare performance is by looking at the measured time. The caveat is that water and wind conditions, which can change significantly even on the same day, have a major impact on the measured time. Also, different race events may use slightly different course lengths, or different styles of boats. Hot Sake's race performance has improved over the years as we continue to perfect our paddling technique and develop team unity. Use the menu on the left to browse through our race results and team photos!